Hari: Thief of Hearts CD


Hari: Thief of Hearts is the next wave in kirtan or call-and-response chanting CDs. Classically-trained musician Hari Vrndavn has performed and recorded with the best, including Sitar Master Ravi Shankar and ex-Beatle George Harrison.

In this CD, Hari joins forces with some of the best sacred musicians in the market today. This album is a journey deep into the heart. Listening to these tracks will take you through a range of moods and emotions, from happy to sad to longing, but most especially of celebration for life and gratitude for the divinity that lives within each one of us.

"This CD is truly amazing! Hari takes you on an emotional journey to the Divine as he lovingly sings the ancient mantras that unlock the door to the heart. It is rare to find someone so musically gifted using their amazing talents solely for the spiritual upliftment of others.

"The amount of pure raw talent brought together for this recording is staggering. Hari, Eyal, Manose and Vrindavan Das are all world-class musicians in their own right, and to have them all playing together on one CD has created a truly magical and highly charged musical event! This CD is not to be missed. Whether you are a die-hard kirtan junkie or brand new to the world of bhakti, this CD is a must-have!"

— Gurudas, lead singer of Bolo!